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January 28, 2009



I appreciate very much your reading my blog, and stopping by to comment.

Bob *is* a wise man.He helped me save my life! I miss my visits with him, but he helped lay the foundation for self work so well.


this post is such a gift. thank you for sharing these parts of yourself. such provocative writing here, and i love my visits. sounds like your bob is a very wise man.

i enjoyed the details of how your lover created the personal space for you with his tender touches.:)


Yes, I had heard about Danny. But I very much appreciate your coming by to let me know, because I would have hated to miss that news!

As to your "staying to share," and sharing your appreciation and support for my writing - I deeply appreciate that even more. Thank you.

Frank Paynter

Foolish me. I just read through the comments at Jew Eat Yet and saw that you'd been there with congratulations yesterday.

Frank Paynter

Your post leaves me feeling inadequate to the task of commenting, Tamar. I think you are among the best long-form bloggers that I read. I admire your willingness to peel the onion, accepting the tears that come with that exercise, and I admire your expository style, your story telling skill.

I came to point you to Danny Miller's announcement yesterday that he's to be the father of twins!

I stayed to share another of your wonderful insights into the creative process and performance. Bravo!

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