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April 19, 2009


Donna Falcone

ONE month... counting down to a wonderful birthday for you!!! In 30 days you'll be having tea and dropping crumbs with a huge grin on your beautiful, wonderful face!!!


Think of me eating the mille feuilles on the Champs Elysees- that's the real celebration right there - with crumbs falling all round me, and me laughing uncontrollably out loud with joy! I like the thought of you thinking about that!


I'm turning 50 in a few months and am still grappling with acceptance about aging and lost youth. I often forget I'm not still in my 20s (until I look in the mirror). Must work on that arrested development! I do love your attitude and will be celebrating with spirit, if not in person!


I had to laugh out loud about your description of aging. So true, so true! It definitely sucks for all those reasons you describe so well.

That's why I intend to make the most of it and have fun with it - so much becomes out of my control about aging, that the most control I can have is in the celebration department!

Smiles and cyberspace hugs to you!


well, it is the aches and pains and vertical lines along the side of my mouth and chin that are likely pre-jowl lines that i don't care for. oh, and the lack of endurance and the inability to sleep like someone in a coma anymore - don't like that much either. aging is not so much fun except in the wisdom gained and some of the mellowing. the rest of it sucks!

you, however, have a fabulous attitude about it. perhaps you have not yet been plagued with any of the side effects which turned me sour! :)

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