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July 08, 2009



Thank you, Donna. I would say one thing in reply to your comment: It is worth it - and your turn is surely coming. You have great courage to face the things you are facing. I like how you have said "Hang on to your seat." My, Bob-the-therapist, used to say to me, "Hold still ..."


TOmar... your words have brought me to tears... tears of deep understanding, resonance, and then the tears of hope. I can't even imagine a time when I will transcend that wall you talk of... I can't even imagine it. All day I have been thinking "when will it end? when will all of this matter? when will I NOT feel like this? Maybe," I wondered "when I am sixty, like Tamar"... and here you are and the egocentric child in me feels like you wrote this just for me as if to say "hang on to you seat, Old Friend... it's a wild ride, but so worth it". It just has never felt worth it I'm afraid, but I can only hang on and believe that if it is worth it for others, why not me... so my turn is coming. Thank you for this beautiful post... it is really wonderful and hopeful and joyful and honest.

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