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August 16, 2009



Gosh, I will miss you very much if you no longer blog here! But I hope you'll carry on in some form.

I've always thought it would be great if you had a blog about your professional interests, especially since your field of early childhood education is something close to all our lives, not just fellow professionals. But a regular commitment to anything has to come from very deep, I think, if it is to be meaningful. So it has to be where your heart wants to go right now.

Meanwhile, I've finally concluded after my long blog break that I really am not motivated to return to 'more of the same'. But I expect I will return sooner or later in some form, so I hope we will meet again in slightly different guises.

And as for slightly different guises, wow, you're looking amazing, my dear friend. Just wonderful, and so wonderful, of course, becomes it comes from within as well as without. No matter how much people say there are hormonal and metabolic reasons why it is harder for women to lose weight, I think it is because we tend to turn our feelings in upon our own minds and bodies more than men do. Of course, both can be true, since chemical analysis of the body tells you nothing about why.

Anyway, you are a huge inspiration in so many ways, and I hope I will still be able to read you online somewhere and be inspired. I will keep reading and commenting even while I'm not blogging myself.


Thank you for reading and letting me know how my posts make you feel about your own emotional journey. I appreciate your comments.

I am grateful for your comments too! Yes indeed, this birthday seems to have had quite an effect on me, eh? It is so strange. In a way it almost feels like I have achieved something! So funny!


i, too, enjoy reading here.

FB is a great way to stay in touch and share photos and timely updates. it is also fun and so much easier to do than blogging, i think.

it is interesting that you might want your blog's name to represent some element of your 60s. it has been very clear that your turning 60 has had a significant impact on you. it began before the birthday even happened. as you awaited the big day you focused much attention on the anticipated arrival of this passage. it will be interesting to see how this all plays out. so glad to hear you are feeling much more settled in your own skin, content and capable. looks like this birthday has unleashed a pretty amazing catharsis and has showered you with gifts. :))


TOmar... whether you continue to blog, or whether you decide to pursue other venues I want you to know that I have really enjoyed following you, your ideas, your adventures... both In and Out of Confidence, and Mining Nuggets... did you ever imagine you would unearth such precious, priceless nuggets from inside of yourself? Thank you for all of your sharing... not just the 'things' you shared, but that you had the courage to share at all.

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