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August 16, 2009



As one blogger to another, you so understand this blogging dilemma. It is certainly compounded with facebook in the mix! However, the blog is a much better venue for longer pieces and is great for exploring ideas and feelings - as well as having fun. Thanks so much for continuing to be my blogger buddy and for your comments. Very much appreciated.

Hello there, Marion. Ah! I certainly understand what you are describing here. My first blog: "In and Out of Confidence" surely describes something of what you are going through ... through my brain and eyes of course! I will certainly be giving you a call sometime this week.
love and hugs and ... smiles ...

Marion Barnett

Lately, yesterday actually, I was thinking of how your blog has been encouraging me to start a blog during this new phase of my life (I'd call it the insane phase)! What makes it insane? Retire, move 3,000 miles from all your women friends and dear hearts, lose your professional identity completely (it's vanished - poof), turn 60, adapt to a totally different geographical environment, and know not one soul in town. Thursday I had a 20 minute conversation with a woman in the bulk foods section of the Coop and it was almost too much for my vocal cords! Yikes it is solo time out here; me learning to be my own best friend - and "What's on your mind -" in Facebook, isn't able to accommodate enough characters to cover all that seems to be bubbling to the surface of my mind these days. Sound familiar?


I, too, think about my blog all the time. With a string of great blogging ideas (well, great to me), I find I have little time to flesh them out. That leads to my blog-guilt. :-) I find I'm most content with blogging when I forget everyone else's expectations and just write it for me. I love that my blogs are a record of what's spinning through my head at them moment. I completely understand your feelings about reassessing why/how/what we blog. Thanks!

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