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November 06, 2009



Your journal stirs a lot of emotion in me. I have tears in my eyes. I was thinking what a beautiful story book this would make for children... children of all ages. So moving, Tomar. Thank you.

(and now I see what you are counting down toward... you can see where MY head is at these days)

Marion Barnett

Recognizing and valuing our connection to the environment, the plants, trees, flowers, animals, and all sentient beings, elevates our human life condition. What a lovely story and pictures! Thanks.

Josh Thompson

Interesting to note how very much alike are these two dialogues: 1]talking to inarticulate, though animate, plants and 2]this process of blogging, writing out into a very animated, though oft inarticulate blogosphere.
As the hibiscus responds to your nurturing attention, here I begin to respond to your heartfelt blogging, with a 'thank-you.'

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