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November 28, 2009



I thought about it some more... I think what I was trying to say... "KEEP YOUR MIRROR HANDY!" Love you!


Thank you for this. Great advice!

Am grateful for your constant support and friendship all these long years through all sorts of times, eh?
Smiles and hugs.


A friend has said to me "look back, but don't stare". I'm not sure why I feel the need to share that with you, but there you go. It helps me tremendously, when things get very "muddy" and the past becomes a heavy weight.... when I stare too intensely I forget who I have become. You are amazing and and loving and creative and so valued... and this protective side of me wants to swoop in and say that I hope you will not stare. Geesh... and the self conscious side of me feels silly about that I admit... but the protective side is winning.

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