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August 29, 2010



wonderful finds and looking serene and peaceful in your new serene and peaceful home. these photos are beautiful.


beautiful objects to adorn your new home. i love the urn - exquisite! sounds like you had an exciting day. import shops are so much fun, and meeting these 2 must have felt like an extra bonus! i have not read her more recent book yet, but this one was my fav read of the past few years. i didn't enjoy the movie nearly as much.

i love seeing photos of your new home. it is splendid.


Thanks all.

Hi Jean. In fact, I posted a link to this blog post on their Facebook page.


Gorgeous post.I felt i was right there with you. Wow, what a fabulous day. The things you bought look perfect in your house.

Kay Dennison

Fabulous finds!!! Friends and lovely things!!!!

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