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April 27, 2017



Important read. We always remain child to our parents at any age. And we never stop going through "phases." I appreciate your sharing your process. In doing so you offer validation to all our stories/histories.

Cheryl Albers

Dearest Tammy, How I wish I were there to give you a long and powerful hug. Growing up is never easy, even at 68....There is another book waiting for you to write in retirement. The adult 'stage of development' that occurs when both of your parents have died. No matter what your relationship with them was or was not, it is a time of intense emotion, regret, and introspection. Not to mention fear of stepping into the role of the eldest generation in a family.You are one of the strongest women I know, with one of the widest support networks I've ever seen. COntinue to use your strength and others support to work through this stage and focus on how you will play out your role as family elder. Much Love sent your way for this painful, but important journey.

Tom Potter

A very sad lack of acknowledgment to you Tamar. Now I remember what someone said to me once when I said I never remember hearing my parents say to me I love you even though they provided everything I needed growing up except hearing that phrase, What my friend said to me in a very stern way was, Well, do you ever tell them I love you.
So as only my mother was still alive I would say I love you whenever I would infrequently be with her. Finally, one time when my mother was dropping me off at the airport and I said I love you to her she said I love you back. After that it happened on a regular basis. Yes, I was very fortunate. My best wishes to you Tamar and sympathies for the loss of your mother.


David, so good to find your comment here. Your feedback is important to me. And if my story helps you understand more about you - well, then -I know this piece might do well to be included in the book I am writing as we speak. All my very best always, Tamar

David Heath

Painful, powerful, and personal stuff. Thank you for sharing, Tamar. You have no idea how this post touched me and made me understand more about myself and my childhood and adult relationships with my father.


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