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September 10, 2017



Lenore, and that's what I have been doing all summer - replacing it as soon as it's eaten. Our house feels like a "home" again!

Mar - bake it! And let me know how it comes out. I bet the sour cream will be great - in fact, I will look out for sour cream and see if that will work in my next one.


I was curious about shemenet so I looked it up! Seems that sour cream is a good American substitute. This cake makes me want to bake it! Yum.

Lenore Tetkowski

During my growing up years there was almost always a chocolate cake in its container on the top of our ice box, then refrigerator. So I thought that was in everyone's kitchen. When one got eaten, another would be there... well, I have pretty much carried on that tradition...not always chocolate tho.


So, Betsy ... if you have a cup of flour ... it becomes a cup and a half ... etc ...


My math is not up to doing the 1.5 modification!

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