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July 22, 2018



Dear Cheryl,
Am always so happy to hear from you. I love how you say there is time to be a good friend, for this feels so important to me at this time. Perhaps I'll get to see you as a result! Your comment means so much to me.

cheryl albers

Dear Friend,

This so much parallels the way I have felt about retirement. I was never as invested in my wok and career as you have been, but shared your fears of what would replace the huge space work fills. It sounds that , like me, you will find self care is a most luxurious benefit of available time. Others include exercise, planning and cooking nutritious food, establishing new creative outlets, renewing old ones, time to be a good friend, and available time to help others. Your are one of the most motivated people I know and I predicts that full retirement will be followed by a life so full that you will wonder how you ever found time for paid work.

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