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May 22, 2019



Dear Sylvia - thank you so much for these words! I dedicated my blog post this morning to you:

Sylvia Chard

I remember having similar feelings more than a decade ago. I still had some opportunities to help teachers during my seventies but they became fewer. I came to realise that I had done my bit, contributed my 2 cents worth, and encouraged younger colleagues to keep up the good work and develop their ideas and their work to carry on mine along the way. Each generation must be succeeded by the next. It was my time to step down graciously. I no longer shed tears at cruelty, I no longer wish I had longer to work. I have come to recognise the finite nature of all individual human endeavour and yet, at the same time, the interconnectedness of all human efforts for good. There will be opportunities for others to pick up the thread where you left off, they will be just as dedicated. And for sure, they will be influenced and heartened by the work that you achieved before them.

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