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May 23, 2019



You wrote about a loss of your youth. And yet, in this last year at 71, I am finally able to reconnect with my youth and take on challenges that I set aside because I had to “get on with my life.” What a joy to have nothing to lose at this point in life and everything to gain. I even started writing with a fountain pen again - something I enjoyed in high school. I am surprised to find myself reconnecting with the heart of who I was before I had to “grow up.” I wish the same joy for you.


Thanks for your comment, Betsy. I love that line too! Fills me with hope and joy to be surrounded by such wise and compassionate colleagues and friends.


I so love this line: "the interconnectedness of all human efforts for good."
What you don't know yet is all the open doors you can walk through. It will be far more interesting than you imagine.

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