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September 28, 2019


Naomi Klayman

I began thinking about this when my kids were teens. I realized the world they were growing up in was so different from mine that many of my solutions would not be the best choices for them. It was very humbling. That said, now that I am a grandmother, I have a lot of opinions! I think that having the vantage point of being removed from the pressures of being a parent in the middle of a career allows us to see things from a different perspective. Still, I must keep my mouth shut and let my brilliant offspring figure out the solutions that will work for their families. Thank you for this reminder to listen and offer compassion.


Hi Tamar M. Yes it’s thought provoking for me too! Let’s see if I can learn how to do this LOL

Tamar M

You are so wise, Tamar! Thank you for sharing this. Compassion, kindness, stories— so much better than advice, which I love to share. Way too much! Very thought-provoking! Shanah Tovah u’mTukah!

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