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May 14, 2023



Dear friends,
I wasn't quite expecting comments. Especially such supportive and loving ones! Thanks so much for reading this post. I appreciate it very much.
Tamar (Tamarika)

Laura Birdsall

Thank you for sharing this, Tamar. Our culture and social structures do not really value children and the preciousness of the early years of life. Your clear and inspiring advocacy for our children and their caregivers is much needed. Carry on!

Helen Feinberg

You made these early childhood teachers and caregivers feel valuable and important, which is probably not an experience they have most of the time. And your care and knowledge will gush down onto the children they care for, and maybe we'll see a new generation of children who feel valued and important too. Thank you.


Margaret shapiro

I’m so happy I got to read this. Your work is so important and it is wonderful to hear how appreciated you are.
U r very special.

Diane Pierce

Dearest Tamar,

Your message is so needed in a hurting world. Thank you for being willing to continue your Mission to love and care softly for our young ones and their care givers.

Blessings and Love,

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